7 Week Program

Our Process Details

Week 1

Concept of the Disease :

Disorders related to substance use are considered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA ) and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism ( NIAAA ) as a complex and chronic disorder of the central nervous system. The phenomenon of Substance dependence or drug addiction comprises an adaptation resulting from the periodic or continuous use of one or more substances which create the physiological or psychological needs. The lifetime prevalence of disorders related to alcohol use would be 13.6 % and 6.1 % for disorders related to the use of other psychoactive substances.

Week 2

Coping with Stress :

In stressful situations, large amounts of stress hormones ( glucocorticoids) are released in the brain. However, these hormones increase the sensitivity of the brain to psychotropic and promote the emergence of addictive behaviors. Stress becomes a risk factor of great importance in the phenomenon of relapse, hence the importance of learning ways to manage stress in people with addictions.

Week 3

Relapse and Prevention :

Addiction is a difficult condition to treat and is characterized by high rates of relapse occurring even after months or years of abstinence from substance, and that , notwithstanding the motivation of the individual to stop using. According to studies, 40-60 % of individuals with substance abuse relapse to substance use within twelve months after detoxification, and if they do not receive aftercare support, hence the importance to establish a management structure in the medium / long term after the detox period.

Week 4

Emotions :

Substance abuse gradually alters the natural state of homeostasis by causing an imbalance in the reward system and a range of psychiatric disorders (anxiety, depression, etc.). There is also a high prevalence of affective disorders, anxiety and psychosis in individuals with comorbid disorders due to use of alcohol.

Week 5

Defense Mechanisms :

As part of a drug therapy where denial and minimization are often used by the patient, we focus on defense mechanisms to help people identify their psychic structure, to reveal, intensify and clarify their emotions, and improve their contact with reality and their contact with others.

Week 6

Structure of Personality :

Even if there is no personality traits that predispose to substance abuse, it is common to find these characteristics in drug addicts, such as emotional immaturity, impulsiveness, and antisocial personality . An emphasis is placed on therapy to enhance the patient’s education on the facets of his personality.

Week 7

Rehabilitation :

Regarding addiction, rehabilitation can be described as : Reconstructing and promoting enthusiastic spaces with self, others and the environment.

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