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Clinique Nouveau Départ

Clinique Nouveau Depart (CND) in Montreal, Quebec has joined, since October 1st, 2017, EHN Canada; one of the largest providers of addiction and mental health treatment in Canada.  CND joins our other world class facilities, Edgewood Treatment Centre in British Columbia and Bellwood Health Services in Ontario.

Our Vision

Along with our outpatient offices, we are now uniquely positioned to meet the needs of Canadians coast to coast in both official languages.

EHN and CND share the long-standing tradition of providing evidence based, quality treatment to patients and families.  We are privileged to learn from each other and to continually improve and evolve our clinical programs to meet the complex and unique needs of individuals struggling with substance use disorder and related mental health issues.

All patients with an addiction see every aspect of their lives and how they function in society transformed. Along with the neurobiological imbalances addiction brings a host of psychological, cognitive, and physical symptoms. The clinical manifestations of addiction may be biological, psychiatric, psychosocial, or spiritual.

At Nouveau Départ we understand that for addiction treatment to succeed it must be multidisciplinary and personalized:


  • A medical approach is needed to correctly diagnose patients and determine the level of treatment needed.
  • A therapeutic approach, with personalized treatment plans, takes into account the severity of the patient’s condition, their social and professional environment, and the support available to them.
  • A ‘biopsychosocial’ approach integrates medical, psychiatric, psychological, pharmacological, and therapeutic aspects. Nouveau Départ’s treatment programs also include support groups modeled on Alcoholic Anonymous (AA).
  • An approach involving the family is another important part of patient treatment.


Nouveau Départ is an accredited facility by Québec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux to treat alcoholism and substance dependence.



Nouveau Départ is a treatment center that offers specialized inpatient and outpatient services to people struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse, or other forms of addiction.

Specialized treatments are designed for individuals who:

• have a compulsive psychotropic substance use;
• have lost all control over the substance;
• make continuous use of the substance despite adverse consequences, whether physical, psychological and / or social;
• are experiencing relapse after repeated attempts of withdrawal.

Take Back your Desire for Wellness

At Nouveau Départ we do everything in our power to make life pleasant for our patients

On the main floor we have offices for our doctors, therapists, and administrative staff as well as three large rooms for group therapy and meeting with families. The main lobby is designed to be a welcoming place for socializing, with complimentary hot beverages and purified water.

The second floor has single and double patient rooms and executive suites, all with private bathrooms. Two patient lounges are equipped for reading, chatting, watching TV, or playing board games or video games. The laundry features soapless ozone washing machines, dryers, and irons.

In the dining room, patients are served a wide variety of healthy meals designed by nutrition professionals to help them rediscover a balanced diet that follows the Canada Food Guide. A nutritionist is even available if needed to design a personalized diet in line with patient’s taste and leading to a long-term improvement in eating habits.

We’re ready when you are

Here's what some of our patients have to say about us

  • I found a new reason to live during my experience at Nouveau Départ! I got so much out of there, more than I could ever imagine!
    Mary Rose Treated for 6 weeks
    Lilian N. Mother of a patient
  • I came here with a very strong view against rehabilitation, figured it would never help me. I changed my mind within the first week. Everyone here has only one goal, see you get better and they will do anything to achieve it. Thank you so much.
    Francis N Recovering Addict
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