We are available 24/7 to answer your questions!

How can we help you?


It’s very easy. First, contact us at 514-521-9023 or 1-888-488-2611.
You can also write to us in the Contact section.

We will be able to address all your questions, discuss what you’re going through, what your loved ones are experiencing and how we can best help you.

If you prefer to meet with us to discuss your questions in person and visit the premises at the same time, don’t hesitate to ask!

On the road to recovery


Once you’ve contacted us;

1. We’ll set a date with you for your pre-admission assessment appointment.
This consists of a meeting with a clinical assessor and possibly with a doctor, depending on your needs.

2. Once the pre-admission assessment has been completed, the customer service staff will meet with you to present and explain to you:

  • The recommendation that has been made for you;
  • The treatments and services recommended in your program, as well as the duration and cost;
  • How we can help facilitate the start of your program.

What to expect

Throughout the whole process and, more specifically, during your program, you will be surrounded by our team. Whether it’s our customer service staff, the treatment team at the residence or our doctors and therapists, every single one of us will support you and contribute to your comfort, safety and the success of your recovery process, because our mission is well-being, your well-being!

Welcome to the clinic, welcome home!!

Turn your healthcare expenses into affordable monthly payments

Clinique Nouveau Départ – EHN Canada now offers you the option of paying your expenses through Health Smart financial services.

A multidisciplinary team at your service

With its highly qualified staff specializing in addiction and mental health problems, the Clinique Nouveau Départ team guarantees that you’ll get the best quality care in a controlled environment away from stressors and risks.

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