Family Services

Addiction doesn’t only affect the afflicted individual: loved ones, too, can often feel anxious, fearful, depressed or overwhelmed. Often, without being aware of it, family and friends develop dysfunctional, inappropriate compensatory behaviours. These codependent behaviours encourage the persistence of the addiction in their loved one.

Because the family is a valuable source of support and plays a major role in the individual’s recovery, Clinique Nouveau Départ offers a Family and Friends program that consists of meetings organized for family members and friends. They are offered as group or individual meetings, and promote understanding, support and collaboration of the family, often neglected in such circumstances.

Individual Meetings
with a separate therapist, by appointment

GROUP family therapy
once a week

staff availability and ACCESSIBILIty
to address your questions and concerns

A three-hour information meeting is scheduled every week, bringing family members and friends together to help them break their silence, learn to express their emotions and feelings and learn how to interact with their loved one who has a dependence problem.

Our approach is one that encourages the independence of family members and loved ones and that allows them to develop the emotional distance needed to better help the person with the dependence problem.

A family member suffers from an addiction?

Our team is available 24/7. We encourage you to contact us. We will answer your questions confidentially.

1 (888) 488-2611

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