Inpatient Program

For a period of 6 weeks or more, the Clinique Nouveau Départ – EHN Canada team

The doctors, consultants and the entire staff at CRD du Nouveau Départ will offer you continued quality care and services and will be committed to meeting your needs in a healthy, comfortable and safe environment.

Throughout your stay, you will be considered as a person in your own right, with physical and psychological needs. We will also offer special consideration for your family and loved ones. In addition, you’re guaranteed to receive the care and services that meet your specific needs 24/7.

We will be attentive to your concerns and fears and your physical, psychological and moral suffering.


Assessment of your usage profile and potential for withdrawal

Before the beginning of every treatment, the Nouveau Départ team carefully assesses your usage profile, your potential for withdrawal, the various co-occuring physical, emotional and behavioural conditions as well as any factors that could help or hinder your recovery.

This initial assessment is based mostly on the Addiction Severity Index, and it is completed by a full medical exam.

To measure your progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan, you will have your own therapist who monitors you through individual meetings.

individual therapy with your therapist

Individual therapy provides a confidential, safe space in which the patient and the therapist assigned to them can interact.

During these meetings, different approaches are used depending on the individual’s specific needs.

Individual therapy is provided on an intensive basis during the residential stay and is continued in the short-, medium- and long-term at an intensity that corresponds to the patient’s progress.

The Clinique Nouveau Départ therapy team consists of psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and dependence specialists who all work together to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

GROUP therapy

Finding your voice within the group

Group therapy is an integral part of the treatment offered at Clinique Nouveau Départ. Many group therapy sessions of different types are offered to patients who represent different dependence profiles but easily participate as a group under the guidance of experienced therapists. Among the staff at the centre are professionals specializing in substance dependence and mental health. Several other specialists are available to present a variety of themes related to dependence. Clinique Nouveau Départ offers cognitive, behavioural and relaxation therapies, as well as those based on the AA way of life and philosophy. Every therapy session consists of a theoretical component and practical workshops with methods that encourage introspection, self-knowledge and the development of well-being in the patient.

the themes discussed are as follows:

  • Defining what is meant by “disease”
  • Differentiating between abstinence and sobriety
  • Understanding the complexity of addiction
  • Finding an answer to your misery
  • Differentiating between stress and anxiety
  • Tools for learning how to manage stress
  • What are the relationships between stress and substance dependence
  • Stress/anxiety and substance dependence: how can a person adapt
  • Learning to manage life’s anxiety-provoking and stressful situations
  • Abstinence maintenance strategies
  • Motivational maintenance to prevent relapses
  • Recognizing risk factors in relapse prevention
  • Working on positive skills and attitudes for recovery
  • Recreating discipline in your life
  • Building a safe environment to properly prepare for your return home
  • Implementing the changes needed to maintain your abstinence (at home, at work, with yourself, in your relationships)
  • Learning to recognize and identify emotions
  • What to do when emotions overwhelm you
  • How to manage emotions
  • How to restore self-control in spite of your emotions
  • How to express the unsaid so that you can heal the bad feeling inside you
  • Identifying our immature defence mechanisms
  • Communicating instead of ruminating
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Recognizing defence mechanisms in order to improve contact with yourself and othersBeing present when communicating: listening and hearing
  • Recognizing the many facets of personality: discovering yourself
  • Moderating characteristics and behaviours that hinder recovery
  • Knowing, recognizing and respecting who I am
  • Asserting yourself: daring to say yes or no

Support for families

Families are valuable sources of support and play a major role in the recovery of every individual

Clinique Nouveau Départ offers a Family and Friends Program which consists of meetings organized for family members and friends. They are offered as group or individual meetings, and promote understanding, support and collaboration on the part of the family, often neglected in such circumstances.

A 3-hour information meeting is held every week. The goal is to help family members and friends break their silence and learn to express their emotions and feelings and to interact with their loved one who has a dependence problem.

VISITS and outings

During your residential treatment stay, visits are allowed Thursday nights, before family therapy. Occasionally, with the permission of your therapist, family members can visit on weekends.

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