Our Team

Clinique Nouveau Départ’s multidisciplinary team is made up of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, psychotherapists, psychometrists, social workers and coaches.

The Clinique’s team members work together towards a common goal – that of helping the person with the disorder to free themselves of their destructive dependency and, in so doing, build a new future based on new ways of thinking, living, eating, sleeping and relating to the people in their life. The staff strives for excellence in the provision of services to help make a significant change in the life of the patient.

Zdenka Rogic

General Manager

Dr. Jean-Pierre Chiasson MD, FASAM, CCSAM, MRO

Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Jean-Pierre Chiasson, an addiction specialist certified by the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine and a Fellow of the American Society of Addi [...]

Gilles Benoit-Leblanc, Psychotherapist

Clinical Director

Medical Team

Dre Michèle Bélanger
Dre Anne-Sophie Marsolais
Dre Myriam Lemire
Dr Patrick Bordeaux

Dr Maurice St-Pierre

Josée Gagnier
Hélène Scherer


Trauma Program

Marina Katerelos

Clinical Team

Michelle Bernard
Gabriel Lepage


Carly Hylton


Hugues Razakatiana
Department head

Joanie Grondine
Valérie Hamel


Nursing Care

Michel Fontaine

Nancy Pelletier
Sylvain Gagnon
Marie-Ève St-Pierre

Valérie Ducas
Natalia Spitsina
Josue Lazare
Jamal Antabli
Mélanie Labrie

Nursing assistant(s)

Patient Care Attendant(s)

Linda Beaudoin
Sylvain Lavoie
Carlos Escobedo
Sarah Johnson
Krystel Asline Sertil
Effie Paraskevopoulos
Béatrice Essi Dadabor

“Well-Being” Team

Jean-Marie Lapointe
Amanda Gryseels

Sports trainers

Marie-Christine Desmarest
Massage therapist

Customer Service

Maryse Duhamel

Claude Marcos
Customer Service Representative

Madina Hufane
Amal Chafik


Hélène Noël De Tilly

Human Resources

Joanne Moukal

Government Relations and Infrastructures

Sylvie Gosselin

Fouzia Taybi
Debbie Frosia Carreiro

Jessy James Camara Desa
Infrastructures and maintenance

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