Treating Internet Addiction

Our approach

Internet Addiction requires a treatment approach similar to other addictions. Even if there is no psychoactive substance use involved, internet-addicted individuals develop new neural pathways of pleasure that lead them to choose an escape into the virtual world for instant gratification.

The treatment for internet addiction offered by Clinique Nouveau Départ – EHN Canada consists of a combination of:

  • A medical and psychiatric assessment
  • A psychometric assessment
  • Tailored psychotherapy for the treatment of addictions

It is important to assess the severity of the internet addiction, to assess personality type, and above all, to rule out comorbidity. We use an integrative, supportive, cognitive-behavioural approach, including group therapy and occaisonally medication. We also offer specialized approaches to treat internet sex addiction.

How we can help you

Before the beginning of each treatment, the Clinique Nouveau Départ – EHN Canada team carefully assesses your profile, as well as different co-occurring physical, emotional, behavioural and other conditions, in addition to factors that could facilitate remission.

This initial assessment is accompanied by a complete medical checkup. The levels of care are tailored to your specific condition and two program types are available:


  • Understand your addiction as a disease
  • Understand how your addictions impacts your life and the people around you
  • Develop an abstinence and relapse-prevention plan
  • Manage relapse triggers and warning signs (stress, etc.)

Following this intensive period, weekly outpatient follow-ups are offered, including group and individual sessions to allow patients to gain the skills they need to return to their respective communities.

Throughout the entire treatment period, patients will benefit from counselling services as well as medical services.

Do you suffer from Cyber Dependence?

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What is Internet Addiction?

For the Internet addict to acknowledge his problem, he has to understand his behaviour and how much of his life is overtaken by his addiction.
When it comes to treatment, Internet addiction requires an approach similar in nature to other addictions.
Even if there are no psychoactive substances, the Internet addict develops new pleasure neural pathways that lead him to choose an escape into the virtual world for instant gratification.

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