Treatment of Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is characterized by a loss of control over sexual behaviours and experimentation with certain fantasies repeatedly and continuously without considering the consequences. For sexually addicted people, compulsive behaviours serve to modulate unpleasant feelings.

Our approach

We have established a therapeutic program that will allow you to recognize your problem, stop feeling guilty and consider practical solutions to free yourself of your disorder.

this program includes

  • An initial medical appointment
  • A psychoemotional and sexual assessment
  • An assessment report
  • A psychometric assessment
  • After-care follow-up

By identifying the symptoms of your disease and breaking your isolation, you will be able to incorporate new sexual, emotional and relational behaviours.

How we can help you

Before the beginning of each treatment, the Clinique Nouveau Départ – EHN Canada team carefully assesses your profile, as well as the different co-occurring physical, emotional, behavioural and other conditions, in addition to factors that could facilitate remission.

This initial assessment is conducted along with a complete medical checkup.

The level of care is tailored to your condition and two types of intensive programs are offered:


  • Understand your addiction as a disease
  • Understand how your addiction impacts your life and the people around you
  • Develop an abstinence and relapse-prevention plan
  • Manage relapse triggers and warning signs (stress, etc.)

Following this intensive period, weekly outpatient follow-ups are offered, including group and individual sessions to allow patients to gain the skills they need to return to their respective communities. Throughout the entire treatment period, patients will benefit from counselling services as well as medical services.

Do you have an Sex Addiction?

Our team is available 24/7. We encourage you to contact us. We will answer your questions confidentially.

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