The clinic

Located in the heart of Montreal, Clinique Nouveau Départ – EHN Canada
has specialized in the treatment of dependence disorders since 1988.

Welcome to Clinique Nouveau Départ

Experts in the treatment of dependence disorders in Montreal for over 30 years.
Individualized, tailored treatments offered to patients: that’s what makes Clinique Nouveau Départ – EHN Canada different from other centres. When you visit our clinic, you can expect to receive the best care based on a time-proven approach for achieving and maintaining recovery for the long term. Experienced doctors with expertise in dependence and mental health problems work with patients and their families.

Many people with dependence problems have related mental health issues. We have a team of mental health specialists able to treat issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma.

Clinique Nouveau Départ (CND) has partnered with EHN Canada, a leading treatment centre in Canada specializing in dependencies and related mental health problems. CND has also teamed up with other facilities, such as the Edgewood Treatment Centre in British Columbia and Bellwood Health Services in Ontario.

You have an addiction and are looking for help?

Our team is available 24/7. We encourage you to contact us. We will answer your questions confidentially.

1 (888) 488-2611

Our approach

The approach used by EHN CANADA and CND has been developed and tested over the years by our team of experts throughout the country. This partnership allows us to share our methods and deepen our knowledge in order to continually improve our clinical programs and meet the unique and complex needs of people with dependence and mental health problems.

With our outpatient consultation offices, we are now in an excellent position to meet the needs of Canadians from coast to coast, in both official languages.


Clinique Nouveau Départ is a private institution not under agreement operating a rehabilitation centre for people with alcohol and substance dependence problems and comorbid psychiatric disorders.
Permit No.: 1104-4989
Santé et Services Sociaux Québec

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